Christmas Blues
Our this year's Christmas song turned out to be a blues song. It fits perfectly with the new puppets we built last weekend and so we filmed this little video.
Hope you like it.
Merry Christmas to everybody.
Love janeway
It's Good to Get the Harvest in
(Never too late to say you love him)
Our latest fall song October 2023.
Janeway´s Stockfisch-Session
Summer 2023 on Dirk´s birthday we head the great opportunity to record 10 songs in Dirk´s hometown Northeim in the legendary Stockfisch-Records-Studio with Günter Pauler. A dream came true.
Here is one of the 10 songs.
"I Can't Help But Overlove You"

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Released 11. AUG 22

1. One Track Heart
2. One Good Woman
3. Love Found Me
4. Don't You Step on My Heart
5. Takin' My Time
6. Fightin' In The Wind
7. Gettin' Picked Up By God
8. I Can't Help But Overlove You
9. Rubber & Smoke
10. I've Gotta Think This All Over
11. Sorry I Missed You Darlin'
12. Lonesome Blues
13. Just An Ordinary Day
14. Wait Another Year
15. One More Sip For The Road
16. I Think I'm Cryin'

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The Countryside of janeway
Release 13.02.2021

1. Gettin´ Things Done
2. Better to Have Loved
3. Got a Coffee Goin´ in The Kitchen
4. It Could Happen to You
5. Time to Sell
6. Where does it Go? 1:55
7. Rocky Roads
8. Will She Be Waiting´
9. The Cleaner 2:53
10. If You've Got the Money/COVER Lefty Frizzell
11. Crazy and Confused Heart of Mine 4:11
12. Country Girl 4:39
13. Oh Lord, I Hope I Know When It´s Time to Go

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janeway Hot Pot
Release 07.01.2019

1. My Crazy Heart
2. No Other Reason
3. Hot Pot
4. Blue Notes
5. Me and Sue
6. I'm a Woman Now
7. Nobody's Perfect
8. I´m Just Missing You Now

9. Just Like Me
10. Shade of The Moon
11. I'm Not as Big
12. Stick Around
13. A Kiss for Me
14. Watch the Sky
15. Let Go
16. Snowfall
17. Chosen
18. Glitter and Glow
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janeway GROW
Release 06.12.2017

1. The Cairngorm Mountain Song
2. Just Give Me Time
3. Did I Tell You
4. More Than the Day Before
5. Lying Awake
6. My Girls
7. The Girl I Love
8. There´s Only Me

9. Wherever You Need Me
10. I I Were Given
11. Let´s Stay Inside
12. Perfect Sense
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The Cairngorm Mountain Song / single
Release 05.11.2017

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What Do You Want for Christmas / single
Release 20.12.2019

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When / single
Release 15.01.2020


In August we wrote a little piece of music and lyrics for K9 / Kulturbahnhof Viktoria in Itzehoe for the Wenzel Hablik Museum. It's about the old oak-tree in his garden where he used to rest and think. We also made this little film.

*piano by Carol, guitar and spoken words by Dirk

Merry Christmas to everybody out there.
Hold on the good things you believe in -
even if it´s hard - just think of them who did it before.